Should Grade 12 University Level English be a Requirement for Entry into all University Programs?

“Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye”

– William Gibson 

     English is a universal language used by many different people. Just as William Gibson conveys through this quote, language is a vital skill to the human mind. He compares the significance of light to the eye and language to the mind. Going into university, everyone should have the base of thinking, communicating and expression in order to progress successfully throughout university.

Communicating people

When you start to consider the statistics about languages around the world, English is the official language of 53 countries out of 195! You probably read that twice in dis belief, but in reality it just further proves that grade 12 university level english should be a requirement. Many people travel across the globe to go to diffe

english-dictionary-1559631rent universities and having the base of grade 12 English provides a sort of ground for everyone to communicate effectively. From professor to student or studentto student, university flows smoother when everyone speaks, reads and writes in the same language. These are all
practical skills that the grade 12 University level English provides for new comers.
Not only that, grade 12 University level English prepares students with the proper expertise for analyzing texts and gathering information productively. While growing up I always used to listen to my older siblings rant about how fast professors used to go

Professors are quick through lectures; catch it if you can!

through their lectures and how difficult it was to keep up at first, but how quick they got adjusted. I used to laugh at their troubles but looking back now I realize that they adapted rapidly by having the prerequisite university level English. Things like summarizing and gathering essential points within the duration of their lectures are all skills that are practiced all through the university level course.


Having this prerequisite as a demand helps high school students that are transitioning into university communicate within their surroundings off and on campus as well as organize and effectively absorb information for higher rates of success.



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